2021 Meadow Muffin Contest (Closed)

The Norwich Lions Club invited people to participate in its annual Meadow Muffins Contest. 500 “deeds” are sold for plots in a grid where, on the day of the contest, one or more cows are introduced to choose a winner with a naturally generated organic deposit on the grid. Each deed is $20 for a 1/500 chance to win the $1,000 First Prize or a 1/499 chance to win the $500 Second Prize! Third prize (498/500 chance) is the satisfaction that you have supported a good cause!

Net proceeds benefit charitable organizations in the Upper Valley, in Vermont and internationally.

People were able to buy deeds at 32 Auctions by clicking here. Please make your purchase with a credit card.

They received an email confirmation of your purchase and the deed numbers that you have purchased. Consecutive deed numbers (1-500) are randomly assigned to squares on the field of contest. Expect to receive a fun and decorative “deed” in an email that looks like this:

The contest was held at 3 pm on the 9th day of October, 2021 at the Norwich Marion Cross School playground.

Watch the video, here!