Norwich Lions Club MEMBERS (2019-2020)

Standing Committees (with assigned VPs) meet and provide club members with briefings and updates on a scheduled basis:

  • Activities and Services for Children (VP—Dave Barthel); Richard Neugass Chair, David Lemal, Cheryl Brush 
  • Fair (VP – Peter Stanzel): Gary DeGasta Chair, Roy Black, Fran DeGasta, Rick Tucker, Mel Aaron
  • Finance (VP – Dave Barthel): Nico Bekker Chair, Mel Aaron, Roy Black, Cheryl Brush, Gary DeGasta, Fran DeGasta and Sean Kenny
  • Information Technology (VP – Peter Stanzel): Dave Barthel Chair, Kyle Koehler, Mel Aaron, Richard Neugass, Nicole Vecchi 
  • Membership (VP – Peter Stanzel): Ciaran Geraghty Chair, Demo Sofronas, Richard Neugass, Harjit Rakhra, Fran Degasta, Steve Flanders
  • Program – (VP – Peter Stanzel): Warren Thayer Chair, Fran Degasta, Jim Maguire, Sean Kenny, Glenn Britton 
  • PR/Communications (VP – Nico Bekker): Stephen Flanders Chair, Richard Neugass, Phil Wheeler, Mickey Elsberg, Harjit Rakhra, Warren Thayer, Demo Sofronas 

Activities Committees (with assigned VPs) meet and provide club briefings when necessary.

  • Constitution and By-Laws (VP – Dave Barthel): Steve Flanders Chair, Phil Wheeler, Sean Kenny 
  • Health Services (VP – Peter Stanzel): Rusty Bernal Chair, Fran De Gasta, John Lawe, Glenn Britton 
  • Meadow Muffins (VP – Nico Bekker): Steve Flanders Chair, Cheryl Brush; Dave Delucia (Honorary), Phil Wheeler
  • Meals/Christmas Party (VP – Nico Bekker): Debbie Bernal Chair, Fran De Gasta, Cheryl Brush, Nicole Vecchi 
  • Melvin Jones (VP – Peter Stanzel): Phil Wheeler Chair, Rusty Bernal, Gary De Gasta 
  • Memory Tree/Scrap Book (VP – Dave Barthel): VACANT Chair, Harjit Rakhra, Ray Royce
  • Nominating (VP – Nico Bekker): Rosanne Maguire Chair, Rusty Bernal, Demo Sofronas
  • Traveling Lion (VP – Dave Barthel): Jim Maguire Chair, Cheryl Brush 
  • Twin States Soccer (VP – Nico Bekker): Cheryl Brush Chair, Ciaran Geraghty, Roy Black 
  • Fund Raising (VP – Nico Bekker): Fran De Gasta Chair, Glenn Britton, Rosanne Maguire, Steve Flanders 
  • Silent Auction (VP – Peter Stanzel): Cheryl Brush Chair, Rosanne Maguire, Steve Flanders
  • Vision Screening (VP – Dave Barthel): Gary De Gasta Chair, Cheryl Brush, Dave Lemal , Steve Flanders, Richard Neugass