2020 Raffle Extraordinaire (closed)

Our raffle was this year’s opportunity for you to help us continue to help others. The Norwich Lions Club conducted a raffle as an alternate fundraiser to our annual Norwich fair which was cancelled this year due to the pandemic. We offered a variety of Raffle tickets targeted to meet specific local needs. All Proceeds (minus the prizes) will be dedicated to the local causes outlined below. 

  • The Fighting Hunger raffle whose the proceeds will help those in need of nutrition in the Upper Valley. Top prize winner will get a quarter side of beef along with a freezer.
  • The Supporting Children’s Programs in Norwich raffle whose proceeds will help fund programs that keep our children healthy and engaged. Top prize winner will get a children’s bike
  • The Vision raffle whose proceeds will help the visually impaired in the Upper Valley (a traditional Lions International Mission). Various Cash prizes, with a top prize of $500.00

Because there was a raffle menu, entrants were able to buy as many tickets to any of the raffles as they wished. With the sale of more tickets, we could add more prizes to your overall entries, so participants’ chances stayed the same, while raising more money for Our Community Needs in the meantime.

Before the contest closed on December 4, entrants printed out the raffle sheet, completed the top portion and returned it by mail to our PO Box 854 in Norwich, VT 05055, handed it to a Norwich Lion they knew or dropped it off at the Norwich branch office of the Ledyard Bank across from Dan & Whit’s.

There were $4,955 in ticket sales among the contests, as follows:

  • Hunger: 175 tickets
  • Children’s: 129 tickets
  • Vision: 517 tickets

The drawings for the nine prizes (three in each contest) occurred at the club’s December 15th Zoom holiday party. Each entrant was assigned as many consecutive numbers in a spreadsheet, as they had purchased tickets in each contest. Each number corresponded to a numbered ticket, specific to the contest. Those tickets were placed in the appropriate jar for the contest. At the time of the drawing, the tickets were shaken in a closed container, placed into a bowl, and a ticket drawn for first, second and third prizes. Upon each drawing, the number was checked against the spreadsheet to identify the winner. Each winner was announced in the live Zoom feed.

The ticket numbers and the tickets were dually audited several days before the drawing and then placed under seal.

We thank the following sponsors, who contributed substantially to the success of our raffle with $4,800 in sponsorships: 
Summit ($500)—Betty & Bob Porter • the Wheeler Family • White River Family Eyecare (x2) 
Elevated ($300)—Webster & Donovan Excavating • Jean Fraser • Chippers • Jay & Deb Van Arman • Omer & Bob’s Sport Shop • Ellen Flaherty
Base Camp ($100)—Brion McMullen • Granite State Glass • Glenn & Jane Britton • Excel Plumbing and Heating • Jeff Wilmot Painting • Steve & Martha Richardson • James & Ellen Antell • Demosthenes Sofronas
Other—Bronwen B. Lewis

Thank you for helping the Norwich Lions Club continue its commitment to our Norwich neighbors and organizations.

Write to us at [email protected] with your questions.