2021 Silent Auction (Closed)

The Norwich Lions Club invites you to participate in its 2021 Norwich Lions Club Silent Auction, held through 32Auctions.

The auction began on 27 September, just after midnight of the previous day, and ended at midnight on 7 October.

The auction featured over 200 items from 144 sponsors, including those in the following categories:

They ranged in value from $16 to $1900, but could sell for much less at auction! You could see the following prices on each item:

  • The current bid (minimum bids are 50% of the retail value)
  • The “Buy Now” price (typically 10% higher than the retail value)
  • The retail price, as determined by the donor or by on-line research

The items were numbered as follows: 

  • 001-299: Physical items 
  • 300-499: Gift certificates 
  • 500+: Direct contributions to the Norwich Lions Club

To participate, one needed to register with 32Auctions. If you participated in the 2021 Meadow Muffins Contest, on line, or Norwich Women’s Club Spring Gala on-line auction, you are already registered!