2020 Sponsorship Opportunities (Closed)

The goal for our now-closed Raffle Extraordinaire was to raise $10,000 to address urgent local needs in these times of COVID-19.

The raffle offered a menu of options: Our Fighting Hunger option benefits local food pantries and school lunch programs in the Upper Valley. The Supporting Children’s Programs option promotes child health and education. The Can You See Me Clearly Now option benefits our visually impaired neighbors and supports vision screening in local schools.

We offered four tiers of sponsorship of the raffle:

  • Summit at $500 + four raffle tickets in each category
  • Elevated at $300 + two raffle tickets in each category
  • Base Camp at $100 + one raffle ticket in two categories
  • Other with thanks for your support!

We thank the following sponsors: 
Summit—Betty & Bob Porter • the Wheeler Family • White River Family Eyecare (x2) 
Elevated—Webster & Donovan Excavating • Jean Fraser • Chippers • Jay & Deb Van Arman • Omer & Bob’s Sport Shop • Ellen Flaherty
Base Camp—Brion McMullen • Granite State Glass • Glenn & Jane Britton • Excel Plumbing and Heating • Jeff Wilmot Painting • Steve & Martha Richardson • James & Ellen Antell
Other—Bronwen B. Lewis

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